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A trip along the coastlines of the African continent will allow you to retrace the path of early Dutch, British, German, and Portuguese explorers. From early tribal traditions to colonial influences, you will experience a variety of cultures in countries such as Mozambique, Madagascar, Senegal, and Mauritius. From South Africa’s green mounta… Read More

The water from rivers and other sources was initially provided to the inhabitants of nearby communities and municipalities via water fountains, whose design was mainly practical, not aesthetic. In the years before electricity, the spray of fountains was driven by gravity alone, commonly using an aqueduct or water source located far away in the near… Read More

Even before the journey commences, both veteran travelers and novices have so many decisions to make before embarking on a vacation. Your fantasy might be to reach the highest mountain, to chill to the sounds of the ocean or to actually stand in the place you read about in your last book. AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, has t… Read More

Early cases of devices utilized to lift water are Ctesibius’ pump, Archimedes’ Screw, and the waterwheel, and there is data of their usage going all the way back to the Hellenistic era. Yet each gadget had its shotcomings, and none were ideal to provide water to the landscape from the local aqueduct, the Acqua Vergine, a range of some… Read More